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The Memory Collective is a service that turns your memories into legacy through the blending of oral storytelling and thoughtful planning for future generations. We are a one-stop shop for helping individuals, couples, friends, families, and communities immortalize their experiences, journeys, heritages, and minds through the simple act of telling a story. Whether you just want resources to help you conduct your own oral history project, or you want us to be there every step of the way, we aim to help you achieve your goals and offer you elegant and useful solutions. We compassionately serve all walks of life, no matter your demographics, and believe every human being alive has memories worth passing down. We believe that what is remembered lives on.

Our Useful Features & Services

Audio and/or Video Interviewing

If you'd like us to interview you or a loved one about their lives, we can do so either in person for those local to the Indianapolis area, or on Zoom for anyone else.

Oral Story Kits

These are PDFs you can view on mobile desktop or print out and fill out. They list 25 questions about a specific topic you're interested in, such as Childhood or Beliefs. We have some Kits specifically made for interviewing your parents and grandparents. Kits are equipped with more than just questions, though. They help you plan, organize, give context, and think ahead for passing these stories down.

Audiobook or Videobook Service

We take the audio or video files you (or we) record of your memories. We clean them up, name them, organize them, and put them in order. We even create a little mini database (just a PDF!) that summarizes and keywords each file so you can find a memory easily among countless files.

Transcription Service

We take your audio and video memory files and transcribe them, meaning we write them out into text so they can be read like a book. We developed our own style of transcription that captures the character of the speaker as well as visuals from a video that might otherwise be lost in traditional transcription.

Live Event Memory Recording (Indianapolis Area Only)

When people gather, it is usually to celebrate or honor a person, couple, tradition, or big event. We can attend your family reunion, celebration of life, funeral, wedding, bachelorette party, bridal shower, birthday party--you name it. The idea is for the gathered people to share stories with us about the thing they're celebrating or honoring.

Photo/Journal Scanning

We can digitize your paper memory artifacts so they will be kept safe.

Heirloom Service (A One-of-a-kind Book designed for longevity, durability, and display)

If you've had your audio or video files transcribed, you might want to have it bound into something you can hold and flip through. But this is no three-ring-binder. The Heirloom Memory Collective is our premiere boutique product. It is hand-made using late 19th century binding techniques that don't cut corners. They are full-color, gold-leafed, hardback, and integrate your words, artifacts, and photos into one place. They are designed to attract the eye so that a curious observer might ask, "What is that?" thereby helping pass down the memories it contains.

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