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Who is The Encore Woman?

The Encore Woman is YOU!

Welcome to the Encore Woman community; a support and resource community for women who are starting over.

No matter what the circumstance, you belong.  You are not alone or overlooked.  We see you and welcome you.

Perhaps you are:

*an empty nester

*retired or re-entering the workforce

*getting married or re-married

*raising grandchildren

*providing elder care to parents

*divorced or dealing with the loss of a partner

*you’ve relocated and feel alone or

*you simply want to be reconnect, to be a part of

something, to belong.

If any of these describe your situation, WELCOME!

If none of these pertain to you, that’s ok! You belong too!

The point is, we are a community of women starting over and this IS the place for you!  We have everything you need to successfully navigate this new life and we will do it together!

We are our own (often overlooked) demographic, so we are changing things and creating our place here!   Let’s take this journey together!

Why ‘Encore?’

You may think of an encore as an additional performance, by a band, for example.  The show has ended, but the audience wants more so the band returns to the stage for another performance.

How does this relate to ‘The Encore Woman?’

In this case,  ‘encore’ refers to what the women in this community are doing;  most have lived their lives according to plans made perhaps years ago, until circumstances force them into a new role. The expectation was that life would slow down, providing more free time,  perhaps to travel,  or to relax and enjoy life and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, there is rarely a ‘happily ever after.’ Things happen, plans change, and we have to adapt.  The good news is…you are not alone!  We will tackle this new life together!



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