Patricia Dubroof: A Maestro of Colors and Community Engagement

Unleashing Creativity, Celebrating Caregivers, and Fostering Healing Through Art

Artistic Philosophy: For Patricia Dubroof, art is a profound source of joy. Her approach begins with a blank canvas, leading to a journey where heart and brush harmonize. Each stroke reflects her deep passion, transforming canvases into vibrant, emotive masterpieces.

Community Involvement: A dedicated supporter of the arts in Maryland and the DC Metro area, Patricia stands out as a community artist. Her commitment is evident through her extensive volunteer work and collaborations with non-traditional gallery spaces, making art accessible and integral to the community.

Balancing Arts and Healing: In her role as the Director of Community Relations at Assisting Hands Home Care, Patricia artfully blends the realms of art and healing. She champions the therapeutic potential of art, using it as a powerful tool for emotional and psychological well-being.

The “Who Cares?” Series: Empowered by a 2023 Maryland State Arts Council Creativity Grant, Patricia is the visionary behind the “Who Cares?” series. These poignant painted portraits go beyond aesthetics; they are tributes to caregivers, capturing their spirit and dedication in every brushstroke.

Studio Gallery in Rockville: Patricia Dubroof’s Studio Gallery in Rockville is where her artistic magic unfolds. Visitors are invited to purchase unique completed works or commission personalized pieces. Each artwork is a narrative, a captured emotion, and a piece of Patricia’s artistic soul.

Contact and Engagement: To immerse in the intersection of art, empathy, and community, connect with Patricia Dubroof. Art lovers, community supporters, or those seeking a meaningful artistic piece are all welcomed to join in her creative journey.


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