Hello.  Welcome to the Kris Jacobs Agency.   We are the one-stop-shop for ALL of your insurance needs.  One of the things we are often asked by clients is why should I go with you, instead of the other agency?  We tell our clients the same thing, call me tonight at 10 pm and we can discuss it.  Just as important, we pride ourselves on explaining your coverage in terms you can understand.

We are an insurance firm that specializes in protecting, managing, and distributing your assets.  That is just fancy talk to mean we are an insurance agency that can take care of virtually all of your insurance needs.  Founded in 2014, with another 6 years of financial banking prior to opening my agency.  I have spent most of my adult life in the financial and insurance sectors.

We offer everything you might expect and more.  You can come to us to help with all of your insurance needs.  We offer the following:

  • We will help you with your Medicare needs
    • Medicare Supplemental plans to fill in the gaps that Medicare leaves you potentially exposed
    • $0 premium Med Advantage plans
    • Prescription drug coverage plans
  • Creating a legacy of love
    • Did you know that the average funeral cost is between $7000 to $12000?  It is NOT too late to prepay for your final legacy.
    • Are you worried you might be too old or have health concerns that make you unable to get life insurance to cover your final expenses?  We work with large and small insurance companies. We can guarantee you life insurance coverage to pre-pay your funeral.
  • Long-term care insurance
    • Let’s see what we can do to ensure you are comfortable when you are unable to live on your own.
  • Dental insurance
    • Did you know that dental insurance is not covered by Medicare?
  • Retirement protection
    • Reach out to us to ensure that you don’t outlive your savings.
    • Annuities that offer a higher rate of return than a bank CD
    • Plans that protect your principle during market downturns, while simultaneously offering you the ability to participate in the financial sector’s gains.
  • Pension maximization
  • Business insurance
    • You worked a lifetime to create a hallmark in the neighborhood.  Let us make sure your business is properly protected
  • Home owner’s/renter’s insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Insurance protection for your camper/RV and other toys that help you enjoy life
  • Pet insurance
    • We know that your fur-legged friends are family.  They need preventive checkups, and sadly, sometimes they get sick.

Don’t let today be the tomorrow you feared yesterday.

We look forward to getting to know you and protecting you, your legacy, and your loved ones.

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