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Are You Done with the Breakdown?

Your cells are breaking down. Healthy lifestyle or not, no one escapes the consequences of age. Although you may feel well, the effects of cellular breakdown are sneaking up on you. Current research shows that environmental factors such as stress, diet, the air we breathe, and aging can actually turn OFF genes, meaning the genetic instructions that dictate healthy body functions don’t get through.

What if there were a simple way to address this cellular breakdown? Not just mask the symptoms, but actually attack problems at the source—the genetic level?

ASEA REDOX and  RENU28® redox gel are the first and only products on the market to contain active redox signaling molecules – cellular messengers that affect gene expression in a positive way, helping to:

  • protect,
  • rejuvenate, and
  • keep cells functioning at optimal levels.

ASEA REDOX and RENU28® users enjoy cell signaling benefits, which translate to health at its most foundational level.

ASEA REDOX and RENU28® are scientifically tested and shown to signal the activation of genetic pathways and affect genes that:

  • Improve immune system health;
  • Help maintain a healthy inflammatory response;
  • Help maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity;
  • Support the body’s ability to respond to external stressors;
  • Improve gut health and digestive enzyme production; and
  • Modulate hormone balance to support vitality and wellness


ASEA REDOX contains the same Redox Signaling Molecules that are produced within every cell in your body and act as either cellular messengers or cellular activators. These activator molecules carry the messages that tell your cells to activate antioxidants (Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase, and Catalase) stored in your body. Antioxidants are chemicals (both naturally occurring and man-made) that keep oxidative free radicals in check and prevent them from causing other cellular damage. However, antioxidants don’t work unless activated by redox signaling molecules.

Messenger molecules are responsible for enabling proper cell communication within your body to ensure optimal performance of the immune system. They also activate your body’s immune system to protect against bacteria, viruses, and infection. Activate the Inner Doctor in your body with ASEA!!!

What Keeps Your Cells Healthy?


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