Angel Smits: A Multifaceted Expert in Dementia Care and Award-Winning Author
Angel Smits is not just an expert in gerontology; she is a compassionate advocate for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and their families. With a degree in Gerontology from the University of Northern Colorado, Angel has a strong academic foundation. However, it’s her hands-on experience that truly sets her apart.

Real-World Experience
Angel’s journey in dementia care began as a social worker, where she had the opportunity to engage in day-to-day interactions with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and their families. This experience provided her with invaluable insights into the emotional and practical challenges that families face. She then elevated her career by taking on the role of director for multiple secure units in Colorado, further honing her skills in managing and improving the quality of life for dementia patients.

Lectures and Consultations
Angel has taken her expertise to the public forum, sharing her knowledge and skills through lectures that are both informative and empathetic. Her talks are designed to equip families and healthcare providers with the tools they need to offer the best possible care for dementia patients.

Award-Winning Author
In addition to her work in dementia care, Angel is an award-winning fiction author. Her storytelling skills not only entertain but also serve as a medium to explore complex issues related to aging, dementia, and family dynamics. Her writing is another avenue through which she reaches out to people, offering them both solace and understanding.

Former Co-Owner of Care Decisions, LLC
Angel was also the co-owner of Care Decisions, LLC, a consulting and care management firm. Through this venture, she offered specialized consulting services that helped families make informed decisions about dementia care. Her comprehensive approach to care management made her a trusted advisor for many families navigating the complexities of dementia care.

Why You Should Connect with Angel Smits
For Families: Angel’s lectures and writings offer practical advice and emotional support, helping you navigate the challenging journey of dementia care.

For Healthcare Providers: Her real-world experience and academic background make her an invaluable resource for enhancing patient care and staff training.

For Readers: Whether you’re interested in fiction that touches on the human aspects of aging and dementia or seeking informative articles and books, Angel’s writing offers something for everyone.

Angel Smits is more than just a dementia specialist; she is a beacon of hope and a wellspring of knowledge for anyone touched by Alzheimer’s or dementia. Her multifaceted approach to care, combined with her talents as an author, make her an indispensable resource in the field of dementia care.


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