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⚡️RECHARGE IN MARCH with our Sleep Promotion / Challenge, coming 🔜 …..
When your body is fully recharged by sleep you will experience more energy, think more clearly, experience a greater sense of motivation, and have more productivity.
Lack of quality sleep can have a negative impact in many areas of our life and can result in:
😴 Mental disorders
😴 Lack of productivity
😴 Decaying physical health
😴 & much more
👊What’s the challenge ?| We challenge you to experience quality sleep by keeping track of your sleep and asking yourself a few before and after questions and sharing your testimony with us via support@aplgo.us
🤔How to join the challenge?|Download the sleep tracker (located in the files section of this group) and begin to experience the benefits of RXL
Promotion rules and regulations
• Valid in the US and Canada
• Available March 3rd – 15th
• Not applicable with another other promotion
The sleep tracker can also be downloaded via APLGO Marketing Resource Telegram Channel
Contact Linda McBee to order www.HappyDNACandy.com
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